Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zygor Mists Of Pandaria Travel System Warcraft Guide

World Of Warcraft Guide-

In World Of Warcraft, you have always had to rely on your own knowledge in order to figure out the best route to your destination...

Well, not anymore because with Zygor Guides 4.0 we are introducing a new feature called The Travel System.

This feature works dynamically in the background to calculate the best directions to your next objective and it displays the results right under your waypoint arrow!

We have been developing the Travel System for 6 Months and fine-tuning it to perfection. You will be amazed at how powerful this feature really is and how much faster and stream-lined it will make your gaming experience.

See everything that's new right now in the New Zygor 4.0 Mists Of Pandaria Warcraft Guide and visit us at-

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